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Co Facilitator & Organiser


Bynoi Desouza

ISTA Faculty


Some of these specifiers point to my work in the world – somatic sexual educator, esoteric embodiment guide – Tantrik & Sexual Shamanic modalities, Taoist internal arts practitioner, creator & producer of temple arts events in Europe & Asia, & ongoing student of embodied enquiry (internal sexual alchemy & self-cultivation).  


I grew up in Bombay, India in the 80s surrounded by a syncretic, collective consciousness in which the mystical is interwoven with the logical. I’ve lived in different countries & cultures – Sweden, Belgium, Argentina, India & the UK, and learned to speak 7 languages. 

I'm fascinated by similarities underlying foundational practice of different wisdom traditions originating in the Himalayan Mountain range – Tantric Buddhism, Shaiva Tantra especially Kashmiri Shaivism, Kaula Tantra,  Bön Shamanism, &, Trans-Himalayan Shamanism, and also Taoist Internal Arts practiced on the opposite side of the mountains in China.  I also studied, practiced and facilitated different modalities of movement, bodywork, sexual shamanism, somatic sexology, and trauma release. The decade long process of learning, practicing, teaching and supporting practice community around Argentine Tango, the language of embodied poetry shaped the process of my embodied enquiry into paradoxes. 


I’m passionate about the embodied enquiry of seeming polarities of the human condition; east & west, mind & animal; sexuality & spirituality; masculine & feminine; logical & mystical, spirit & matter; personality & soul. The exploration & dance of dualities with the seemingly endless paradoxes of this human experience is what I love, and what loves through me. 

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A global cultural movement integrating consciousness, love, & sexuality. Past events (trainings, sacred site journeys, retreats, festivals, experiential intensives, Practioner Trainings & immersions) have been facilitated &  produced in the UK, India, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Czech Republic, & Australia, amongst other countries.

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