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Master Your Pleasure | Online

4 Day Live Session Journey

Next Dates - April 22- 25, 2021 | Timing - 10 am - 8 pm UK time 

Status - Registration Now open. Please book directly here.

Early Bird Places - Fully Booked

Regular Places - £ 4508


Previous Dates

Jan  7 - Jan 10, 2021 | Status - Fully Booked


Oct 15 - 18, 2020 | Status - Fully Booked

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Master Your Pleasure Online Edition is a 4-day Live Session Journey. 

A Somatic, Tantrik, & Shamanic Body initiation through Pleasure. 

This offering is an adaptation of the flow, syllabus & content of the week long in-person journey. You can take this journey as an individual, or as a couple/dyad or with a partner/friend. You would both need to be in the same physical space.


This journey will require you to be fully immersed in this portal for the 4 days .  


Dates - 22  - 23 April 2021 from 10 am - 8 pm, UK Time. It is a deep immersion group and individual process. The journey will include online & offline experiences, sessions, paired practices, small group circles and breaks for rest, reflection & integration this will span the entire day with appropriate breaks. 

For detailed information about booking & registering, please visit https://www.ukista.com/myponline

Cultivating Kundalinī | Online

March 13th - April 3rd

3-Week Live Group Sessions

The essential detail

Cultivating Kundalinī is a 3-week  Online Live Group Sessions Tantrik, Somatic, & Energetic experiential intensive prioritizing unblocking, circulating & cultivating life-force energy in the body.

If you are here to book- jump to - https://lovemovementevolution.com/event/kundalini01