ISTA Level 2
Spiritual, Sexual, Shamanic Experience SSSin 

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Raffaello Manacorda

Elaine Young


Michal Mayan Don


Lead Facilitator


Raffaello is an international Tantra teacher and practitioner. He has been practicing Tantra for more than 15 years and has undergone intensive training in several styles of Yoga. After completing an MA in Philosophy, Raffaello decided to spend more than twelve years living in alternative communities and experimenting with radically alternative lifestyles.

It was in these wild years that he first encountered Tantra, the "rebel way to Spirit". This encounter developed into a life-long practice, first on a solo journey, then studying Tantra and Yoga in some of the best worldwide schools. Raffaello serves as lead faculty in ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts, and teaches and lectures worldwide. He is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Wisdom Studies with Ubiquity University (California).

Raffaello is the co-creator of the ISTA Practitioner Training (PT), ISTA’s program for coaches and practitioners in the field of conscious sexuality.

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Life, and my family in particular, have offered me deep opportunities and intense challenges. To learn, to grow, to grieve, be with sickness, to know success, to overcome fear, to have the courage to step out of the box…. and to deeply question what I am doing with my life and what do I truly want to be present to and to engage with?


Sometimes described by those who experience my work as a Celtic blend of a Breathworker, Bodyworker, Spiritual Sexologist and Somatic Scientist. It is reflected to me that there is an alchemy to my offerings, I sense that arises from my training in older lineage traditions as a Tantra Educator and a Shamanic Minister; merged and complemented by the modern lineages of Certified Sexological Bodywork, Certified Breathwork Facilitator and my 20 years of clinical practice as a Physiologist and Medical Scientist.  I am a group facilitator, Educator, Coach, Guide, Energy & Bodyworker.

I am a Lead Faculty member in The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA ) for the level 1 SSSEx and the level 2 SSSIn journeys. ISTA is a collaborative group of teachers, facilitators and guides in the international field of Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Intensives. I am the founder of an offering called ‘Master Your Pleasure” which is a deep dive into the pleasure body -  healing, activating & awakening.


Over the last 10 years I have supported many, many human beings as one to one clients, small and large groups, festivals and shorter workshops offerings.  Right now, I mainly offer 1 or 2 week long intensives via ISTA or Master Your Pleasure. I discovered that, for now, my calling is to work with groups in residential extended time & deep transformational journeys.

10 years ago a crushing grief event change everything and led me to this 'work'.

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Michal, A "Sacred Activist" and a sexual shaman. MA in Gender studies, ISTA faculty. A Shaman of spiritual erotica, holds training for group facilitators of conscious sexuality and women's circles, nurtures and leads a tribe of women who bring the wisdom of the circles in Israel, a healer. Initiated and guided by the ancient knowledge of the land of Canaan, by Hberew ancestors and my living teachers.

Proud to be a teacher of ISTA's international teaching staff - the Temple Arts School, proud to be a founding member of Ishtar - the Center for the Arts of Love and the Development of Consciousness.


Behind me are many years as a group and ceremonies facilitator and producer at festivals and conferences, my journey of life led me to a deep healing of sexuality and my sacred mission in this life is to pass it on. Before me is the intention to connect the world of sacred sexuality to the academic world, the education and health system, and politics. I have completed my master's degree in gender and I am building myself as a bridge that enables dialogue between worlds. Dreaming and realizing peace on earth.


I am 50. A woman, priestess, friend and mother.

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