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This training was a transmission of freedom and love, freedom and love, freedom and love.  Its not about what society knows as sex or really about sex.  The work is around unveiling each and every person to be the greatest, most loving, most conscious and most free person they can be and then building a community that supports everyone to do that.  Its about finding your freedom.  Its about connecting with your own inner wisdom save of which is stored in your cellular being and releasing that.  It offers amazing simple clarity around our sounds and triggers and shadow.  How to see them, how to be free to bring love to those parts of ourselves. It allows us to love our complete being so we can be free. 

Most importantly its not in your head.  Its about embodiement, deep embodiement. Simple wisdom that is profound, life changing,  Its an amazing collection of bits and pieces of gold and the the alchemy creates much more than the sum of those components.

It has integrity.  Each facilitator is beyond reproach.  Deep Deep respect to each of you. Chris Glover, Perth

















This kind of training helps to open you up you who you really are.  To help you understand yourself in ways you have always wished you could but you werent sure how.  I believe from the bottom of my heart that the sacredness of this beautiful trainng will expand you in every way imaginable.  The dancing, meditations, emotional release, rutuals that are done show you the beauty in the human body, the realness, the rawness of who we really are.  The personal growth I have experienced is absolutely incredible. Leah Thompson



ISTA level 1 Round 3 was no less amazing, humbling and profound than my first two forays into the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience. I continue to be surprised at the brave souls who show up to explore themselves and the concept of their own freedom and self expression. The beautiful mix of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, professions and beliefs make for a unique experience every time. Every human being should gift themselves this space for openness and acceptance. There is nothing to fear in this space, except your fear itself. There is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained. The container created by the facilitators is always safe and strong .. while allowing any chaos that needs to or wants to emerge. The participants in turn are open, accepting and loving towards one another while learning the lessons to be had from the powerful mirrors they meet. Level 1 offers the opportunity to examine your life relationships to family, lovers and yourself. It invites an examination of our inner shadow and beauty. It shines a light up to say 'come back to yourself remember and be whole'. Embrace your inner child, your sexual self, your joyful self, your sadness, your grief and your shadow. Question your programming, conditioning and your ego. All you need to bring is your presence and willingness. Elaine



Well, I dont know where to start but this training has deepened the experience of myself.  I came in open minded and I found myself unlocking doors that had been shut and barriered, keeping me stuck,  This training provides a safe place where everyone can feel trust, safety, love, freedom and are seen and heard as their true self.  We drop into our most vulnerable aspects of ourselves and by doing that we are taken or come out on the end of the spectrum feeling liberated and more alive than ever.  Our fires are burning like bushfires and the love in our hearts is existential. Cassundra Ryan

This particular training really brought me to a place of seeing all of myself and all of others.  Not only the pretty love and light stuff, but also those things we dont usually want to see and accept in ourselves and the world.  It was a week of being real and raw, feeling all of our feelings.  How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go? Jason Bonder



What I realised from this training is that we all are, at the core of our being, our natural state - LOVE, ABUNDANCE, BEAUTY, TRUTH, FREE- its just somewhere along the way someone or some fucked up experience told us otherwise and we forgot.  So we need another earth angel to remind us of our true nature,  I recently forgot some of my true nature and ISTA training held a beautiful safe container to unleash and remind me of my true divine nature.  A deep shamanic spiritual experience.  Permission to say YES to who you are, all of you. Nadia Ominski



Meeting myself in ways I could never logically have imagined. Daring to take that risk - one jump at a time. Revelations showing up. Prior expectations sometimes creating disappointment. An open heart and courageous spirit to piece through my pains and fears and powerful experiences creating profound shifts in me, my world view and acceptance of myself. Definitely the most useful gift right now in my core in loving with an open heart and willingness to recognise that everyone I meet is showing me a part of myself - and to accept, love, be compassionate with others - as not doing so would be denying my real fears, and longings for love and to share love with myself and around the world. Greg C. 

This training has delivered yet again an expansion and deepening into my true self, my power, my self-acceptance and my self-love. It touches that part of me that is soul/spirit. This training gives permission to express, share, love, cry, laugh and to be still - to be authentic and to grow up and into yourself as a fully integrated adult being. The explanations of the deep inner psyche, the masculine and feminine, the healthy and unhealthy parts of yourself are core and fundamental pieces to really living in presence and freedom. This information is deeply integrated through experiential experiences that give a felt sense of being that version of yourself. Elaine - London



I allowed my intuition to guide me to this course, to a place of sincerity, to a profound exploration into the depths of my emotions, my fears, my “wiring” - all with safety, openness and support. The facilitators give each person a space to be and to transform. No need to judge or analyse - just be, feel and face what lies within you. Connect to a divine power, emanating through each cell of your body. Ready for life - ready for your Self! KP



This training supported me in coming back to the core of my being. It helped me shed away unnecessary baggage, to reconcile polarities within and empower me to walk in life in a more whole and authentic way. I was highly inspired by the level of love and integrity present during the whole training. Melanie Champagne 

Now, after having experienced a Spiritual Sexual Shamanic ISTA Level 1 training, I love myself even more. I knew that I am nothing but Love before and now I can really feel it. I feel Love in every cell of myself vibrating. Truly, sensing Oneness with everything is possible. Thank you beautiful world. Thank you everyone. Felix



The ISTA Level 1 training is pure alchemical magic. Just when I thought there wasn’t room for huge growth and transformation in my being … my doors were blown open. I learned, I healed, I grew and i was transformed into a bigger expression of who I am. I have nothing but love and gratitude for this experience and the entire ISTA staff. Life changing. Kevin Brizendine 

This training has taken me to the depths of my being. Embracing the array of colors, emotions, sensations, darkness and light, I returned home. Love, ecstasy, vibrancy and eros energy are within me. Level 1 supported this awakening, awareness and expansion of love. With gratitude to the ISTA faculty for creating such a safe and beautiful container to be authentic and express myself fully. Karina Velasco



Imagine the conduit to connect with the part of yourself that you’ve never been allowed to touch. Whole, warm, soft, dance. Touch your passion for real. Talk about generosity. Live shame-free. Krystalyn



I'd like to express my gratitude for the ISTA training.  I have done it a couple of time now but this time has been truly amazing, in the sense that it really has opened my heart, body and mind in the most natural way.  In a way that many people woul resort to using drugs to try and do.  The training has helped me to open back into the way it feels we are supposed to be, in our ease, joy, peace and freedom.
Alan Star



A large magnetic attraction pulled me to the first Irish ISTA, and I don't mean soley sexual; more like the kind of pull the moon has on me when I'm trying to sleep but feel drawn to howl outside instead. I had been resisting it with all my rational might. 'I don't need it, I'm doing the work already, I can't afford it' but all the time my belly was screaming at me to go, my intuition was telling me I was just meant to be there.  
The night before the training was due to start, at the Bliss festival, I finally caved. I'm borrowing the money. I have to be there. Some things you just can't fight. 
So what happened? Was there any fibre of my being that came home after the week wishing that I had stayed home? No. Not a cell in my body, not a whisper of breath regrets flying into this particular flame. It was a flame it transpires, of rebirth, renewal, restoration and revival, of retrieval, re-membering, reverence and overall incredible relief. In the opening circle I had spoken of searching for a missing piece in the jigsaw of my life. I found not only the missing piece, but a whole new portal that opened up through it. My expectations were surpassed, you might say, a hundred fold throughout the Training. And I'm so grateful I was part of that circle. If I'm not mistaken the combined Alchemy we created as a group with the lovingly held container and guidance of the facilitators, has actually achieved nothing short of a miracle; it has irrevocably induced the return of the Snakes to Irish soil. TM, Ireland



I have learned to love myself and others in a deep and powerful way, so much so that I feel so energised.   I feel like I am the Sun, and I want to spread the light and love out into the world.  I feel confident and empowered by my acceptance of myself and my shadow.  On this training, any demons you have will be seen accepted and embraced. I feel so at peace within myself, reborn. Martin Potter



The ISTA experience has been a deeply healing and transformational journey for me. Not only did we learn to honor our boundaries and creating safe spaces for healing our wounds, we were also guided to take one hundred percent responsibility for our emotional well-being by learning shamanic tools for release and renewal. The whole training aims at empowering people by giving them tools to reclaim their ease, love and power, no  matter what the outer circumstances may represent. I highly recommend this training to anyone who is genuinely devoted to transformation, wholeness and healing to unfold on all levels. NF



Why I reccommend this course is that it teaches you to embrace all aspects of your self and let go of what stands in the way of you being a full expressed individual.  I learned so much about the way I interact with others and where I keep safe and closed to avoid being vulnerable.  The facilitators were amazing and provided an environment where I could safe and support, without caretaking.  I was given the space to process what I was learning...and I learned A LOT!!
Rachel Morris



The ISTA training offers the opportunity to understand the relationship one has with oneself first and foremost. We explore our own masculine and feminine sides in order that we can fully integrate both aspects.

We learn to face our fears, our denied self, otherwise known as the shadow that we can bring these aspects of ourselves that we despise and reject intot the light of love and acceptance so that they can transform.

Only once we learn to love, support and nurture ourselves can we enter relationship with others from a place of co-creation and not neediness for the other to fix us.
Our belief system around sexuality is explored as we can understand and liberate ouselves from guilt shame and fear so that we can fully embrace ourselves as sexual creative beings.


The facilitators held space with passion, integrity and incredible wisdom.
After the training these are the things that matter to me now and forever:
FREEDOM to: Love myself , FEEL, Express what I Feel, Honour my feelings with Action and integrity, Be passionate and Joyful, Be Soulful, Dance, Make Art, Make sound with song, express my grief with passion and with anger, Be pissed off and express it, trust myself to own my Masculine and my feminine, move forward consciously, Stand in my Truth. Beverly Harris- Perth, Australia  2014



I feel like my heart is bursting and I also feel so inspired to make a difference to the world. I want to be all that I can be,  I have found the love that I have always had but haven't thought that I deserved and it was an honour to be here.  The teachers were unreal and I felt so loved and safe.  You should definately do this training." Ulio



Join the ISTA Level 1 training - you will feel love, and that you ARE love. During this training I felt my power, my presence and my sexual energy increase immensely. Charlotte Rudenstam, Sweden



Love, respect, presence, authenticity, relationship with myself and my body- that’s what it is about. Thanks a lot to everybody for holding the space, in order for me to find my true self. Im happy to be part of that family. I definitely recommend this training and those beautiful teachers. -  O.K, Guatemala



Dont underestimate yourself and your ability to truly integrate your whole being into a beautiful possibility. You’re worth the time. And certainly deserving of the effort. Ginger



Become re-born into your true being. Learn things all humans should know but only a small minority do. It’s time to start again. Thank you ISTA. Steve



The power and depth of this training continues to unfold in myself profoundly...presence has finally dawned here and this presence shows me how to hold all of myself through the various inner and outer manifestations. I feel steady and grounded, life has begun to flow as a continuous self-nourishment. Big love and deeply heartfelt thankyou to all of the facilitators, in whom I feel absolute trust. I very much look forward to my next ISTA experience. AM



I thank source for guiding me to this life changing event. I have found keys to doors that I have wished to open my whole life.” - Anon, Guatemala 

I came to this training not “knowing” the “unknown zone” as I call it. I now have a much greater understanding and knowing within my being how to move forward in my transformation and integration of all aspects of myself. To love all of who I am and reflect that love to all of my life. - Anon, Guatemala



"Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness gives a much needed balance to my life force, I can step out of my beautiful but isolated world into a ready-made realm of peers, expert teachers and new friends. The conference provides above all a loving network for people who passionately care about this frequently misunderstood profession of ours. Hafiz, the great Sufi poet writes "Out of a great need, we are all holding hands, and climbing. Not loving is a kind of letting go. Listen! It is far too dangerous for that". We are change agents in a world which frequently attacks what it does not understand. For sexual healers who wish to 'hold hands and climb' together, here is a place, these are your people. To attend is a strong act of self pleasuring and joyful play, not to mention amplification of your professional power and presence. Serve yourself and come!" Tracy

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